Shenzhen Nanshan Stylistic Center

We consider Nanshan Xili Cultural and Sports Center as a new cultural landmark of Xili. We bring the city life into the construction of the public space, the landscape inti the building, it will not be only a sports center with the surrounding green space as a separate individual design to deal with, but they are included in the whole city with an ecological approach. To define the design, we use parametric technology. The whole design process is divided into three steps, to everyone’s familiar with three children’s puzzle game represented, respectively is stacking blocks, turn red rope and folding paper cranes.

Heap blocks overall – Morphing Process: Insert all required features randomly into the site within the redline, based on each functional groups between attraction and repulsion, function of lighting direction and floor of the demand, into the parametric design process that basic function block position. We introduce 8.4×8.4m of column grid system. After the subdivision of each function block again using grasshopper and parameterized software to calculate the final functional layout.

Turn red rope – Circulation Arrangement: the tripping morphology of the red rope connects the whole architectural landscape traffic system, makes use of the crowd can be convenient fast and funny arrive each functional area.

Folded paper cranes – Façade Process: Folding and cutting two main folding way, according to requirements of the internal functions of the construction of ventilation and lighting sight permeability etc, forming the epidermal architecture window and on the west side of the park green space landscape and water system, and ultimately the formation of a live scene integration, form a rich, full of interesting new City Sports Center building landscape body.


Shenzhen, China


50000 m²


Shenzhen Nanshan Government Investment Department


Culture Building

Top view

Aerial view

Local Design

Building is located in the whole east side of the site, splayed layout, the south wing is the main function of sports, on the north side of the main its cultural functions, intermediate with a two-layer space contact, forming north-south main line, ensure the stylistic functions of the entire building to static and dynamic partitioning and closely associated.

In the overall landscape design, we are inspired by the nature of mountains and rivers intertwined with each other, the integration of the convergence of a close link. We will to the site to describe the links between plants and pedestrian road system in terms of a landscape of this link, formed the nature of liquidity and strong echo each other, makes people's behavior can be spontaneous fusion in the landscape.

Top view

Round floor plan

First floor plan

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