Xixian Talent Plaza

The project is located in the Xixian New District between Xi’an and Xianyang. The new district has convenient transportation and superior resource conditions. It is close to the intersection of Fenghe and Weihe rivers and has excellent landscape resources. 

The project focuses on creating an urban living room with a shared culture. First, it analyzes the building's potential composite commercial functions and business needs, combined with the ecological development trend of energy conservation, environmental protection, and three-dimensional greening, and plans the functional flow lines and internal lighting of the space. The plan extracts the architectural intention fragments in the planning and design of the new urban area. The overall modern technology and international style are the main style characteristics of the new area, which has also become the keynote of the facade design.


XI’ an, China


87000 m²


Xixian the newly-developed


Gates and Restaurant

Top view

Aerial view

Local Design

Top view

Round floor plan

First floor plan

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