Chengdu Tianfu Olympic Sports City

This project is a 12 km2 urban planning focuses on creating clear zones for distinctive but complimentary types of program. The Olympic Park is the central node among CBD, the residential area and Chengdu Sports University. The zoning is planned in a way to provide clear east west and north south axis, constituting the main arteries for the 12km2 master plan. The residential area along the east west axis is comprised of high rise buildings with low rise residential behind which creates a buffer space between the commercial ground level along the east west spine and the low rise residential. The project also creates a green corridor to connect the north and south axis to the CBD and central park area.


Chengdu Olympic Village Development is the important part of the whole project. The design strategy of the stadium and the landscape is to focus on the relationship between buildings and the surrounding environment which help to create a more intimate and humanized spatial experience. This project has different design approach than Beijing Olympic Park that it aims to form a strong island effect between the park and the surroundings through a more meticulous way of approaching the buildings into the landscape. This helps the stadium to be another destination for other types of activity during the off seasons.


The main design focus of the park is also to form a natural ecological habitat which integrates robust park systems with cultural, fitness and boutique arts and crafts retail content. The park serves as not only a signature destination for the Olympic and large sports games, but a precious urban natural living room in the concrete jungle.


The CBD development master plan is an iconographic configuration, forming a visible iconic urban form that is viewable from the sky and adjacent mountain regions. As opposed to focusing on a signature building, the urban planning as a whole is a type of iconic form.


The approach towards the design of the water front park area is to create an iconographic landmark feature (similar to the CBD approach). Comprised of a semi-circular platform, the boardwalk is visible from the adjacent mountains and from incoming airplane flights. The Water Front area as a whole can serve to develop and promote the culture of Tianfu Olympic Sports City as one of the core attractors and features of the city. The program can serve as one of the main tourist branding and marketing pitches as well as provide leisure and culture



Chengdu, China


12 km2




Top view

Aerial view

Local Design

Top view

Round floor plan

First floor plan

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