PMA (PolyMorphArchitects) Has Been Rewarded Two International Awards

Recently, the Folding Corner Garden designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) and plasma studio has won the 8th French INNODESIGN PRIZE and became the winner of “Space Design & Interior Design” category. Apart from that, Zhuhai JInwan East Airport Beautification and Landscaping Upgrading Design which is another project designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) has been selected as an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Architecture MasterPrize in the category of “Landscape Architecture - Large Scale Landscape”.


Sponsored by Hôtel de ville de Metz, supported by the French Innovation Design Council and the French INNODESIGN INSTITUTE, the INNODESIGN PRIZE was founded in 2014. In the past eight years, INNODESIGN PRIZE has rapidly developed into an international professional award in the field of design with the joint efforts of many parties. It has attracted the participation of international designers from Italy, Germany, Dubai, UAE and other countries besides France actively. Based on the international influence of the French INNODESIGN PRIZE, the award has been highly valued by the French Ministry of Culture.

In 2021, the jury team has been received a total number of 1406 entries from Chinese designers in the professional group, including 476 finalists and 270 nominated works. The Folding Corner Garden designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) and plasma studio stood out among a number of nominated projects and entered the reviewe stage of INNODESIGN PRIZE as the winner of the "Space Design & Interior Design" category, continuing to compete for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Award in this category. The final results will be published on the offical website on 30 November, 2021.

The Folding Corner Garden is completed in Yangzhou, a city with a long history of Chinese Classical Garden. The design aims to create an interactive space with upper,middle and lower stage through the exploration of the spatial patterns formed by folds as well as the internal relationship between landscape and the city. The design integrates the process of nature into landscape, combining rigorous parametric design with perceptuallandscape aesthetics to create a brand new interactive spatial experience for the visitors.

2021 Architecture MasterPrize

Besides, Zhuhai Jinwan East Airport Beautification and Landscaping Upgrading Design designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) has also been selected as an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Architecture MasterPrize in the category of “Landscape Architecture - Large Scale Landscape”.

The Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) is a global architecture award that recognizes design excellence. The AMP was created to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design worldwide. The prize celebrates creativity and innovation in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, architectural product design and architectural photography. Submissions from all around the world are welcome.

Zhuhai Jinwan East Airport Beautification and Landscaping Upgrading Design is selected as Winner project in 2021 Architecture MasterPrize in the category of Landscape - Large Scale Landscape and there are three firms have won in this category including eLandscript Limited and Infinitive Architecture. Other well-known architecture firms such as Aedas, PTArchitects, AECOM and Daniel Statham Studio have also won the 2021 Architecture MasterPrize.


Zhuhai Jinwan Airport East Road is located in Jinwan District of Zhuhai City.  It is about 16 km from Nimen Bay Bridge to the beach crossing on S272 provincial highway. Our design concept comes from the natural streamline of sea water and the natural shoreline of the site. Combined with the natural topography of Zhuhai City, which is characterized by the crisscross water network and the intersection of mountains and seas, we show the organic spatial relationship. The connection based on growth starts from the spread of the connection, and the continuous organic interweaving form provides a good opportunity for the over structured linear site in this case.

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