From August 8th to 17th,  PMA and AECOM as co-organizer,in cooperation with AAUA, Xiqiao Moutain Scenic Area-management Committee of Nanhai District, Xiqiao Town People's Government, Asian Dedign Award, and New Achitecture, will host the 4th AAUA GLOBAL VILLAGE - International Summer Workshop of Sustainable Development & Design in Xiqiao Mountain 2018.


The goal of this workshop is to figure out the way of balancing protection and sustainable development in the process of urbanization. On the base of excavations,arrangement, protection,  and  renaissance, we will strive for the valuable,creative and sustainable development with specific background of XiQiao Mountain.


PMA project architect Giulia Mariotti, together with mentors from the Prett Institute, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech, Spain, Politecnico di Milano,École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-La Villette, Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University and many other internationally architectural institutes, conducts research, design and mentoring on different topics.


This Summer Workshop‘s students were recommended by 30 outstanding college from 20 universities in 6 countries including China, the United States, France, Spain, Italy and Japan.

After the opening ceremony, Giulia and other mentors and students began to carry out field research activities. They visited several main scenic spots and typical villages in Xiqiao Mountain to understand the local natural scenery, characteristic plants and local customs.


After two days of fieldwork, each group embarked on a project interpretation and design. Giulia's C group mainly focuses on the reconstruction of Xiqiao mountain's infrastructure and landscape planning. On the last day of the summer workshop, the teams presented excellent results.

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