Shenzhen Civil Code Park

We won the bid of Shenzhen Civil Code Ring Park as the first winner of the international competition in 2017. After three years of hard work, the project finally took shape. Shenzhen Civil Code Ring Park will be a memorial space for the opening of the era of China's civil code, a dual core of time and space.

The 16.8-hectare urban park, formerly known as Guanlan people's park, is located in Fucheng street, Longhua district, Shenzhen, adjacent to Meilin expressway. After contacting the project, We fully sorted out the current landscape resources and structure, proposed the design plan based on the space anchor of the first year of civil law, and organized three international workshops to demonstrate and optimize the plan. The newly designed Shenzhen Civil Code Ring Park contains urban park, memorial park and mountain park, aiming to explore the symbiotic relationship between ecology and culture. Through the main entrance square, civil law calendar axis, central activity area, outdoor theater, civil law ring and civil law museum, inner lake water system, civil law subdivision and other landscape nodes, the park creates a multi-level place space, while conveying the theme of civil law, while providing a rich space for the public activities.

The "civil ring" highlights the motif circle symbolizing the core spirit of the civil code. The ring is suspended in the current mountain and integrated into the mountain. While highlighting the theme of civil law, it creates a rich sense of place and sublimates the site spirit. The main statue of civil law ring projection center symbolizes the core of civil law protection: civil rights. Combined with the site features along the way, the circular air corridor exhibits the six basic principles of civil law in different sections, including the principle of equality, the principle of voluntariness, the principle of fairness, and the principle of good faith, by means of sculpting landscape details and interactive devices.


Shenzhen, China




Shenzhen Longhua District Government and Longhua District Urban Management Bureau,Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, China Resource(Shenzhen)Limited


Cultural park

Top view

Aerial view

Local Design

The civil law museum is located on the north side of the civil law ring. It is protected under the civil law ring corridor by taking advantage of the mountain's current steep slope and reinforcing the slope. The whole building block is divided into two sections by the atrium, which is combined with the transparent glass facade to reduce the pressure on the surrounding environment. The atrium's folding staircase is connected to the civil circular corridor, allowing visitors to move freely between the roof floor, inside and outside. In front of the building are the park's ecological lake and outdoor theater. As the most cohesive hinterland space in the site, it also forms the natural shared living room of the whole Civil Code Ring Park, where citizens can have a variety of leisure activities.

Top view

Round floor plan

First floor plan

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