Mr Wang Chuan Was invited to Participate in the 2020 Zhulong pioneer Architecture Forum

Mr Wang Chuan, the founder of PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) and partner of plasma studio, was invited to participate in the 2020 Zhulong pioneer Architecture Forum. He will share an online lecture on the theme of "space to space intervention space" in the "architecture and landscape special session" from 15:10 PM to 16:10 pm on August 1st.

Participants in the forum include  Zhang Jiyuan, partner of Atelier Alter; Dong Hao, co-founder/partner of Crossboundaries; Tang Kangshuo, founder and partner of MAT office;Shi Li, partner and landscape design director of Shuishi design etc. And Ye Qing will be the special guest host of this pioneer Architecture Forum.

Every year, the 13th day of the sixth lunar month is the birthday of lu Ban, an ancient Chinese master. In order to carry forward the local artisan spirit, gather the elite of the architectural industry, and inherit the Chinese architectural culture, Zhu Long Study group carries out themed activities year by year to form a good atmosphere for the architectural festival. With the theme of "new technology, new material, new ideas, new design", there are four sub-forums this year, and more than 30 famous architects will share online.

This lecture will share the PMA+Plasma design concept and some design projects under the guidance of Mr Wang Chuan, including the recently completed Zhengzhou Lamborghini  Exhibition Center and Xixian New Area Chongwen Jing River Eco-Restaurant and Hotel.

Architecture and landscape design is the medium to communicate the numeral dialectical relationship between art and life, form and substance, function and challenge, individual and society. PMA+Plasma uses form and space to guide users to observe and experience the site characteristics of each project and capture its exciting moments based on the design concept. In the design method, space is stacked into space, the landscape is introduced into the building, the street becomes the facade, and the interior turns to the exterior, creating one after another highly recognizable architectural and landscape works.

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