The Master Garden-Folding Corner Ground-breaking Ceremony

The Master Garden which is part of the 2021 Yangzhou World Horticultural Exposition started building. The Folding Corner, designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects)  and Plasma Studio will be completed in Yangzhou, a city which has a long history of building Chinese Classical Gardens.

At the beginning, the designer analyzes the relationship between gardens and cities. Then she combines rigorous parametric design with garden design through creating an interactive space and coordinating the landscape with nature, aiming to bring a new experience for garden visitors.

This design explores the spatial pattern of folds: how the grids generating by site's endowment can extend from two-dimensional to three-dimensional space within the same logical system. Through a series of processes such as squeezing, pulling and twisting, the site is finally shaped into an upper, middle and lower corner space in the form of bridge, walkways and inner courtyards.

The uplifting space generated by folds makes the garden more organic. And the winding walkways in the midst of the garden creates a unique landscape experience. The bridge is paved with mirror stainless steel which makes it possible to see the overall garden at the same time. The side walkways are connected to the bridge directly, forming a space that is different in height. When people are in it, different visual angles increase the mystery of space.

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