PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) is Selected as Honorable Mention in Architectural Design Prizes

Recently, XiXian New Area Chongwen Jing River Eco-Restaurant and Hotel designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) + Plasma Studio is selected as Honorable Mention project in Architectural Design Prizes - Recreational Architecture in Architecture MasterPrize. 

Architecture MasterPrize, formerly American Architecture Prize, is one of the most authoritative world-class architectural awards as a new benchmark for the global construction and design industry. Architecture MasterPrize aims to recognize the world's best and most innovative architectural, interior and landscape projects, to show and publicize outstanding design talents, and to highlight the significance of architectural art and Science in enriching our daily life. There are 42 categories at Architecture MasterPrize in the three disciplines of architecture, interior and landscape, including Winners and the Honorable Mentions. 

Fox Associates, Vo Trong Nghia Co,.Ltd, Michael Green Architecture (MGA), RDH Architects, Aedas Architects ect. also won the 2020 Architecture MasterPrize.

XiXian New Area Chongwen Jing River Eco-Restaurant and Hotel includes an eco-restaurant and a design hotel, acting as a focal and referential point within the landscape. Based on the integrity of the design and the compatibility with the surrounding environment, we waving the architecture and landscape together, a spatial twist and the mutual transformation between architectural and landscape become the main design concept. To build this symbiotic relationship, our main concern was to develop a design language compatible with the landscape, such that the architectural event takes place as a consolidation or intensification of various moments.

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