PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) is selected as Excellent Design Award of WAF China 2020

 Recently, Xiangshan Lake Park designed by PMA(PolyMorphArchitects) is selected as Excellent Design Award - Urban Landscape category of WAF China 2020. Mr. Wang Chuan, founding partner of PMA, attended the ceremony. 

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is one of the largest and most prestigious awards and awards ceremony in the international architecture industry, and is regarded as the Oscar of architecture industry. The proposal aims to select and share outstanding architectural projects from all over the world, providing a platform for worldwide architects to communicate and promote. WAF China is the only officially authorized independent competition for architects in the world. In order to better discover the elites in China's architecture industry, WAF China helps the development of China's design industry.

Xiangshan Lake Park is located in the southwest of the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park and the downstream of Meixi reservoir, covering an area of 34.6 hectares. Sitting at the heart of the Zhuhai city and surrounded by high-rise residential buildings, where urbanization progress meets ecological network, and shows a  possible way of discussing urban landscape. Through this park, the design team intends to restore the symbiotic relationship between the city and landscape while respecting the site conditions.The design of Xiangshan Lake Park focuses on the balance between active and extensive public participation and sustainable ecological restoration. With a series of changing streamlined spaces and rich plant configurations, the park has a design that follows ecological principles in every detail and brings good experience to local people. 

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