Zhuhai Jinwan Airport East Road Beautification

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport East Road is located in Jinwan District of Zhuhai City.  It is about 16 km from Nimen Bay Bridge to the beach crossing on S272 provincial highway. Airport East Road, along the West Bank of nimen Bay waterway, passes through the natural mountain ecological patch in the south of Jinwan District from south to north, the waterfront area at the end of Bailong River, the ecological patch of Jinhu Park and Xihu dongzui Wetland Park, and the Jinwan center group. It is a long scroll of mountains and waters that integrates the regional natural landscape of "mountain, sea, city, field and island".

Our design concept comes from the natural streamline of sea water and the natural shoreline of the site. Combined with the natural topography of Zhuhai City, which is characterized by the crisscross water network and the intersection of mountains and seas, we show the organic spatial relationship. The connection based on growth starts from the spread of the connection, and the continuous organic interweaving form provides a good opportunity for the over structured linear site in this case.

Design strategy: Exhibition, Gathering, Association and Integration

Exhibition: open the coastal landscape interface of Airport East Road, strengthen the landscape features of the fourth facade -- create the impression of Zhuhai Airport gateway

Gathering: combining with the nature of land use in surrounding cities, creating a variety of leisure space -- gathering urban vitality

Association: Based on the strategy of low impact development and design, dredge the landscape ecological corridor of Airport East Road to create an urban waterfront open space with water and green integration

Integration: Inheriting history, looking forward to the future, casting multi-cultural carrier

With the design strategy of “Exhibition, Gathering, Association and Integration ", we expect to build Airport East Road into a lovers' road in Jinwan District; create a world leading modern leisure coast with natural and artificial interweaving.

According to the current conditions of the site and the surrounding planning functions, we divide the project into five areas, namely "urban gateway area, ecological science popularization area, ecological experience area, sports vitality area and Lohas Park area". Landscape plan along the waterfront, according to the appropriate distance and rhythm to set up landscape nodes, establish visual landscape signs, highlight the regional history, culture and site spirit. The design combines the functions of distribution square, sports, science exhibition and natural experience to enhance the vitality of the venue and help the development of surrounding cities. The design combines the scenic spots and public transport to set up a greenway system to meet the requirements of the whole cycling and running track. At the same time, combined with the landscape node and the current traffic conditions, reasonably arrange the primary and secondary entrances and exits, bicycle transfer points in the parking lot, etc. Combined with the red line of sea use, flood control standard, flood inundation sensitivity analysis and sponge city research, a coastal flood dike, two wetland conservation areas and a number of rainwater gardens are formed to enrich the landscape experience on the basis of ensuring ecological security. Based on the principles of suitable trees and ecology, palm trees and shade trees with higher branch points on both sides of the East Airport Road, combined with micro topography and flowered lawn, generally form the open and transparent planting characteristics of sparse forest and grassland, and create the landscape space style of "Sunshine Coast and waterfront gateway".


Zhuhai, China


345470 m²



Road landscape design, planning

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Aerial view

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