Jinwan Aeronautics City Cultural Center

Our design concept comes from the roots and branches of plants growing in nature. Because of natural and functional requirements, the origins of plants entangle and separate the surrounding boulders to form a unique natural landscape. At the same time, as time goes by, the water flows slowly along with the gaps between the boulders—slow penetration, forming a stream water system.

The building faces water on two sides, and the other two faces close to major traffic arteries. As the prominent cultural landmark of the city, we introduce the function and nature of the city into the building site from both sides and take advantage of the phased construction of the building, using ground landscape connections and air connections. The two methods of corridor one rigid and one soft link the two phases together, forming an inner courtyard space in the middle of the two phases, using the inner courtyard landscape to transform the height difference, and lowering the height of the second phase building by one floor, making the first phase building better Vision.

Regarding the distribution of architectural functions, we try to make the first floor part of the building vacant so that the landscape, the flow of people, and the line of sight can pass through the building, and the building and human activities are intertwined. At the same time, before constructing the second phase, we will put the second phase. The land is combined with part of the ground parking to create an urban open park. After the second phase is formed, the height difference between the two sides of the first floor of the building is used to form a small outdoor theater and various activity spaces, ultimately creating an urban cultural landmark building that blends landscape and architecture.


Zhuhai, China


70000 m²



Architecture Design

Top view

Aerial view

Local Design

Top view

Round floor plan

First floor plan

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