Cuihu Wetland Museum

Cuihu National Urban Wetland Park is located in Haidian District of Beijing, middle and upper reaches of Nansha River in the northwest region, where the geomorphic units are Piedmont Plains, covering an area of about 157 hectares. The Wetland Park aims to become a wetland restoration demonstration zone, scientific research center, and functional zone of water conservation. The proposed research and education center of Cuihu Wetland Park is located in the open tour area of the wetland park, with a total floor area of about 8000-10000㎡, including several functions such as wetland scientific exhibition hall, wetland science & research center, tourism center, manager center, and outdoor landscape support.

The architectural design concept comes from the undulating surface of the building as a natural wetland terrain extending to the water. Building on the second floor of a local volume on the ground floor, the basement, next to the building body stretch out light floating in the water, forming restaurant tearoom and exhibition space. Also, we use a wood platform to attract visitors into the hydrophilic room.

The People flux coming from the road, and the landscape flow coming from the lake enter the site and entwine together, creating a flowing and dynamic exhibition space. The shape of the green roof indicates the movement of these two systems and introduces the people and landscape into the building. Meanwhile, the undulating roof like a mountain links the site with the natural environment, which helps the building volume embed into the surroundings more naturally.

On the functional layout, the whole forming a ring main sightseeing transportation system, laboratory, office, restaurant tearoom, and other functions are arranged on both sides of the north and south. The main loop of the exhibition space will be a variety of different series together, on the ground into the underground, forming a flexible exhibition experience. And during the tour to be transferred to the roof and exterior natural by contacting Rapid Transit. During the tour of the tourists in the conversion between the artificial and the natural freedom. The materials we use wood as the primary material, combined with green roofs, forming a fifth façade of the building – the roof, something we have introduced several vertical facades cut into the building interior to bring adequate lighting and ventilation.

The whole building artificial and natural intertwined as the main design concept reflects the symbiotic relationship between man and nature.


Beijing, China


8000 m²




Top view

Aerial view

Local Design

Top view

Round floor plan

First floor plan

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